Sold Paintings to Peruse

Newest  Hydrangea Pieces

Beach Glass Hydrangea  36x36.jpg
Beach Glass Hydrangea  36×36  SOLD
Bountiful Blooms Diptych  36×36 each side  SOLD


Pearl Hydrangea  36×24 SOLD


Saltwater 36x36
Saltwater 36×36 SOLD
Trending  48x48
Trending 48×48 SOLD
Island Hydrangea 60x48
Island Hydrangea 60×48  SOLD
Beach Hydrangea  40x20.jpg
Beach Hydrangea  40×20  SOLD
Compo Sunset  20x60.jpg
Compo Sunset  20×60  SOLD
Daily Meditation 30x60
Daily Meditation  30×60  SOLD
Blush 48x36
Blush  48×36  SOLD
Windswept  40x40
Windswept 40×40  SOLD





Fireworks  40x60.jpg
Fireworks 40×60  SOLD
Morrocan Moods  36x48.jpg
Moroccan Moods  36×48  SOLD
Hydrangea IV  48x48.jpeg
Hydrangea IV  48×48

Commissioned to capture it’s predecessor, “Opening Night.”

Encore! 48x36.jpg
Encore!  48×36


Just sold…last day of August…LOVE this piece!

Sailing  60x48.jpg

Commissioned Pieces…

Within Reach  48x60.jpg

Lavender Hydrangea  60x48.jpg
Lavender Hydrangea  60×48









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Shimmering Seas 36x48
Shimmering Seas 36×48  SOLD
Blue Hydrangea 48x48
Blue Hydrangea 48×48  SOLD
Opening Night  36x48
Opening Night 36×48  SOLD
Petit White Hydrangea II 36x24
Petit White Hydrangea I 36×24  SOLD
On the Fence   24x48
On the Fence 20×40  SOLD
Infinity II 36x36
Infinity 36×36  SOLD


*Together in a Master Bedroom*

French Hydrangea 48×48 SOLD
Haze  30x40
Haze 40×30 SOLD
Clouds  30x40
Clouds 40×30 SOLD



White Out  48x48.jpeg
White Out  48×48  SOLD






Returning to Shore  36x48
Returning to Shore 36×48 SOLD
Southport Harbor  20x60
Southport Harbor 20×60 SOLD
Malibu Beach II  36x48
Malibu Beach II 36×48 SOLD
Puglia  48x60
Puglia 60×48 SOLD
Tropical Haze  36x36
Tropical Haze 36×36 SOLD
Seychelles 36×48 SOLD
Cabo I
Cabo I 48×60 SOLD
Blue Horizon 36×48 SOLD
Dancing in the Sunshine 48×48 SOLD
Chop 36×48 SOLD
Calm Seas 36×48 SOLD
Fresh 36×48 SOLD
Bottom Fishing  36×36  SOLD
Cool Colorways 36×36 SOLD
Full Spectrum I & II 40×40 each SOLD
Palm Beach
Palm Beach 40×40 SOLD
Panama II 36×36 SOLD
On the Horizon 40×40 SOLD
Tranquility 36×36 SOLD
Coastal Light 48×60 SOLD
Ballet Slipper 36×36 SOLD
Transitions 36×36 SOLD
Reflections 36×36 SOLD
Blissful 36×36 SOLD
Aqua Seas 36×36 SOLD
Prussian Blues 36×36 SOLD
French Riviera 36×36 SOLD
Transitions 36×36 SOLD
Dessert Heat 48×60 SOLD
Tonal Hues 40×40 SOLD






White Paintings

Winter Whites  36x36.jpeg
Winter Whites  36×36  SOLD