Artist Statement


I have always possessed an affinity to make my surroundings pleasing to the eye.

I have discovered that my art allows the exploration of this attraction in a particularly powerful way.  In this “Second Act” of my life, I have found a creative power surge that pushes me forward with fearless abandon and a spirit for the adventure that lies within each new piece.

There is nothing more satisfying than creating a piece of art that someone wants to make part of their life and personal space.  Surrounding oneself with beautiful things brings joy, promotes thought, and calms the mind.

I start by using a large brush and lots of paint; using colors I feel will tell my story of that moment, applying these colors messily – alternating between thick and pigmented or thin and watery, layering as the piece takes form.  The shapes created begin to take on the structure and “bones” as this process continues.

My approach to a canvas starts with a propelling idea, particular thought or feeling but the final composition is always an eventual surprise… and that’s the exciting part!

Inspired by what I thought may merely be an interesting creative diversion, I first delved into painting as an art form after deciding to take classes near my home in Westport, CT, nearly 10 years ago.   While the classes helped lay the foundation in terms of basic techniques, I quickly was able to distinguish my attraction to abstract work in acrylics and have been exploring the field ever since.

Kim Romero